Welcome to the new design

Although we loved the artsy-ness of the previous site we feel this new design will be more flexible, easier to load, and look better on a range of browsers (I’m a bit of a Mac snob sometimes, I know…)

But, of course we are still working out the kinks, and want to hear your feedback on the layout, functionality, and especially any errors or weirdness you encounter.

Thanks for sticking with us through transitions. I’m sure there will be more in the future…

2 comments to Welcome to the new design

  • Marissa

    I love the new layout and design. It is decidedly modern and familiar. It has the useability of the New York Times website. Great Job!
    ~Senator Johnson-Beeston

  • Thank God for the goodbye to the the previous 1970s design relic (sorry, but I lived through 'em and don't miss 'em!). Suggestions: perhaps a less cramped header, and some simple color differentiation for the different columns (like a light gray or even a pale vertical rainbow background for the main column)? Regardless, glad you're up, running and improving!

    PS: What does qPDX think of the same-sex Samba couple thing on So You Think You Can Dance's premiere?