Sneak peek of Beau Breedlove’s Unzipped cover

Beau Breedlove on the cover of Unzipped magazine

Beau Breedlove on the cover of Unzipped magazine

Though the print issue (as if anyone cared…you can print out the picture to put above your bed right?) will not be on newsstands until April 7th, Unzipped has released the cover photo of Portland’s infamous mayor canoodler Beau Breedlove. (Breedlove had an affair with Mayor Sam Adams quite near his 18th birthday, just in case you missed that…) And I gotta say, despite your feelings on the whole debacle, it’s pretty damn hot.

Though the opportunism on all sides of this situation seem pretty clear to me, I do not necessarily begrudge Breedlove his 15 minutes of fame or Unzipped‘s scramble to use a high profile scandal to sell magazines. Media needs everything it can get right now. The skeevy feelings of impropriety may even serve to make the shoot hotter.

“The May Unzipped may be the most highly anticipated issue in the magazine’s history,” says David Kalmansohn, Editorial Director of Unzipped Media. “Bloggers and chat rooms have been heatedly debating the merits—or demerits—of Beau Breedlove’s upcoming interview and pictorial. Should we embrace Beau as a symbol of sexual emancipation in what is still a homophobic and sexphobic society? Or do we dismiss him as just another highly beddable boy toy? Our readers can make their own call.”

They encourage you to return to the site for more exclusive interviews and photos in the coming days and weeks. They are already one of the sources for photos from Beau’s since deleted Myspace gallery, which may not be pornographic per se, but certainly showcase some body shots.

The ongoing conversation about politics, Portland, sexuality and scandal and how Mayor Adams functions as our fair city’s leader is sure to continue for quite awhile.

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