QPDX is back with a vengeance

Loyal readers, I hope you are still here. Though I have had some trying times I am still here as well attempting to wrangle words, news and reviews.

The Portland queer media world is in a strange, wild and difficult place right now and I am still struggling to find my way through it all both metaphorically and realistically but Oregon needs queer voices and I want to continue to be one of them.

So qPDX will live on!

I will continue to bring you my own crazy slant on the Q happenings of this town, this state, and this whacked out world. And, as I have a bit more freedom than I did previously, I will likely be even more uncouth, raucous, and blatantly honest in my opinions than I was before. I can now write “fag” anytime I want. If you’re offended let’s have a conversation about it. I look forward to it.

I also hope to introduce other perspectives and authors along the way and expand the scope of qPDX. We all know queer journalism is very much still needed, even if it lives in a very precarious place. If you are interested in contributing to the qPDX world drop me a line and we’ll talk it out. (Or dance it out, you know).

So let’s get this party started. Comment away!

3 comments to QPDX is back with a vengeance

  • trevor

    yeah! i’m glad i can still get my qPDX news!

  • Hi and welcome back. Looks good so far. I hope you and Just Out work out as a compliment to each other rather than as competition. And…please don’t forget us out in the ‘burbs!

  • alleyhector

    Hey Bobby, no worries. I think Just Out is a print publication that needs to stay around. I actually have some projects in the works with them so I’ll let you know.

    And thanks for reminding me about the ‘burbs. Carless as I am I do often forget. But please do send any information or events my way and I’ll cover it as best I can!