DubleSnap! brings the gay 90s to Holocene

DoubleSnap!Two great Holocene nights have combined forces for one night only. This Saturday will see the emergence of DoubleSnap!, a delicious intermingling of the girl power party Doubledown with the funky fresh “I love the 90s” style of Snap!

Featuring an amalgamation of DJs from around the city and mostly culling from Hot Mess and the Portland Radio Authority talent pools, this thing promises to be a dance party staple for the ages.

We want to see Esprit, Bum Equipment, Mossimo, overall shorts, Cross Colors, all that..Think Ninja Turtles, Crystal Clear Pepsi, Bill playin sax and Frankie says relax. Pay homage to Color Me Badd, White Town, BBD and a young Snoop D O double G. If you can still do The Running Man, The Whop, Kid ‘n’ Play or that jiggle thing across the stage that MC Hammer used to do, then you’ll fit right in…We’re gonna sex you up, knock your boots and maybe even zoom a zoom zoom in your boom boom.

I may be even more excited by the flyer that features my favorite movie critics of all time, the ultra-flamboyant Men on Films from In Living Color. Isn’t Damon Wayans priceless in that little miniature hat? It’s so cute I think I have to remind you with a video. (Hated it!)

The only question now is: will I still look sexy in an oversized hypercolor t-shirt? I’m not sure but I’m definitely wearing my charm necklace. If anyone can re-rock the 90s it’s the queers right?

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