Daniel Radcliffe and Hayden Panettiere; those gay-loving celebs

Daniel Radcliffe with ‘Equus’ co-star Lorenzo Pisoni

In further evidence that gay is in in in, even the straight celebrities want to get in on the act. Of course there have been the recent outings of Lindsay Lohan, Clay Aiken, New Kid Jonathan Knight, Jody Foster, Dumbledore, Lance Bass and others, but now Daniel Radcliffe and Hayden Panettiere was to play up the queer crush factor.

The child star quickly turned naked horse-loving hunk Daniel Radcliffe says he has a big ol’ man crush on his Equus co-star Lorenzo Pisoni. He says of the co-star:

He’s great. He’s a truly remarkable man. If I was gay or a female I’d just want to marry him. He’s gorgeous, and he’s a really cool bloke as well.

We’re getting on very well indeed. I’ve written some really, really deeply sexual things on some of the cards I’ve given him for opening night. But just to wind him up, you know.

Hottie Heroes star Hayden Panettiere doesn’t single out any ladies for lovin’, but she desperately wants to cling to queer culture that she asserts she must have been gay in a former life.

But sweetie, if you were gay in a past life it might not be nearly as appealing and fun as it does now to a wealthy American.

Nonetheless, we’re happy to have our straight and pseudo-straight allies, especially when they’re rich and popular, supporting us politically and in the media. The only entrance fee you must pay to the club is a paparazzi shot here and there of you kissing another same-sex sensationalist. I mean, Lance Bass just had to kiss a girl. Blech!

Radcliffe, I’m going to give you a pass because you have crazy horse sex naked on stage and this picture was excuse enough to post this inane bit of gossip. Anyone who can embrace a man in that ridiculously huge and artfully intense horse head piece can be an honorary queer any day…

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