Log Cabin Republicans are still defending Sarah Palin

Those infamous gay Republicans who have endorsed McCain continue to support the repetitively flailing Sarah Palin, despite the fact that even other GOP leaders are beginning to question whether she belongs in this election. Comparing Palin’s “non-judgment” to that of other Americans, communications director Scott Tucker released the following statement (Via Queerty):

In this interview, Gov. Palin expressed her support for a gay friend of 30 years and reiterated that she doesn’t judge people. She said she’s ‘not going to judge Americans and the decisions they make in their adult personal relationships.’ Frankly, I think that’s where most Americans are in their attitude toward gay and lesbian people.

Gov. Palin didn’t ramble uncomfortably about a ‘lifestyle’ or use the opportunity to reiterate her opposition to marriage for gay couples. She didn’t use the opportunity to express opposition to any gay rights legislation. Gay Democrats are pouncing on her use of the word ‘choice’ in talking about gay people. But, when asked the direct question by Charlie Gibson in a previous interview whether people choose to be gay, she said she didn’t know. Again, I think that’s where the vast majority of Americans are on this issue-they simply don’t know whether people choose to be gay.

We know that people don’t ‘choose’ their sexual orientation and we’ll continue educating all Republicans about that issue.

I understand, only too well, how diverse the GBLTQ community can be. So I also realize that some gays may have politics that align more closely with the stances of Republicans on financial matters, gun control and a whole host of other topics. But there are indeed issues big enough that they trump other concerns. Those that interfere with civil liberties and people’s basic rights to live and be happy certainly qualify. It’s time for the Cabinites to really evaluate what matters to the everyday existence of queer people in this country.

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