PLGFF Saturday previews

Boystown screens 9 pm Saturday the 20th

The Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival has already begun with a screening and a party but tonight begins the feast of cinema in earnest with a tale of lesbian family-building, a documentary about the American military, and a strange black comedy/murder mystery.

The evening begins at an early 5 pm with French flick The New World. In a world that may not be so new to Portland lesbians, one couple wrangles with the constant clatter of their biological clocks and discover that happiness and stability may not always come hand in hand.

A documentary on the military’s controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy begins at 7 pm with Johnny Symons’s Ask Not. Current and veteran gay soldiers speak about how the policy has affected their duties. The director and film subjects Alex Nicholson, Jarrod Chlapowski, and Fred Fox will be in attendance for a post-screening discussion.

At 9 pm Boystown will take a turn for the morbidly comedic when a real estate agent begins murdering old ladies in order to resell in the quickly gentrifying “gayborhood.” Will working class lovers Rey and Leo crack the case before they get to Rey’s aging mama?

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