ReVamp revisited

I am all for giving new parties the benefit of the doubt. But when we walked up to the North Portland warehouse space at about 11:30 and dressed-up ladies were already pouring out, one of whom told us “not to go in there,” that doesn’t bode well. Nor were we comforted when my friend was groped by a flannel-clad mullet dyke at the entrance.

The music was bland but not offensive, so we decided to give the place a shot and headed over to the bar to grab a drink. I saw no “specials” as advertised, but you had a choice of 1 beer, a vodka cranberry or a mojito.

At $5, my extremely watery concoction that only vaguely resembled something most wouldn’t dare call a mojito, “special” takes on a whole new meaning. I should have brought my own “special” flask. I’m guessing the go go dancers thought the same, as they were pretty lethargic and unenthusiastic.

The one aspect of the evening that needed no help, however, was the space. Beautifully central and yet secluded, the lower Mississippi warehouse spot was both cool and inviting. The whole front wall opened into the the breezy summer night, helping cool the dance floor, while the room with the bar was slightly brighter with comfortable couches and places to talk that spilled over to an outdoor smoking and chatting area.

This party would need a major revamp (pun intended) to get any more folks in the door. If they started from scratch I think it could work. If the organizers aren’t willing to go down that path, however, I can only hope ReVamp dies a quick death and that fantastic warehouse space is scooped up by some queers who know how to throw it down.

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  • lectique

    even after I went and complained about my drink containing no alcohol and was topped up by one of the admittedly very friendly staff, it still magically tasted like an nonalcoholic beverage.

    Maybe the staff/organizers were just concerned for the health of my liver (the organizer does run hot flash, after all,), but I was more concerned for the health of my wallet after clearly being ripped off…

    Someone start an Indie/Pop/Punk/Rock/Disco/House night for QueerMos and friends in Portland with real drinks! Please.