First pictures of baby Beatie with Thomas and Nancy

The Bend, Oregon man who recently gave birth, Thomas Beatie, continues to drive mainstream news about transpeople and parenting (arguably mainstream media about trans issues of any kind). So I feel it is my duty to give you the video clip of today’s Good Morning America segment on the new bundle of joy, Susan Juliette Beatie.

The parts I found most interesting:

• Despite the C section rumors, 40 hours of labor and 9 pounds of bouncing baby, Beatie gave birth vaginally

• At 46, wife Nancy is breastfeading due to induced lactation. I always told me former older partner that it was possible!

• The daddy/daughter black and white portraits are suitably artsy and airbrushed making Thomas look at buff and sentimental and Susan quite adorable with her full head of hair. Like me when I was fresh and new!

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