The on again off again of Hollywood lesbians

The good news is that, because of yesterday’s judicial ruling in favor of gay marriage in California, beach blondie butch/femme pair Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi have announced upcoming nuptials. Below is the video of their many adoring housewife fans cheering upon hearing the news.

On the other hand rumors are swirling that Jodie Foster has unceremoniously dumped her partner of 14 years Cydney Bernard. This seems ironic considering not only the overturn of the ban on gay marriage in Cali but also because Foster only so recently acknowledged the existence of said partner. But the source here is the Enquirer so I suppose I would take this info with a hefty grain of salt.

3 comments to The on again off again of Hollywood lesbians

  • biglipzulu

    And this is supposed to interest anyone? Yawn…

  • wep601

    Well, it sort of interested me… and must have slightly interested the person above enough to click on the link. 😉
    Yeah Cali!

  • VicNeland

    Dear Yawn – As an older dyke coming out in the 60’s as a teenager and losing every friend I had, or my gay friend who was a Mormon in Salt Lake City, who, when he came out, was marched out of town on the evening news, to being shot at because 200 naked lesbians at a river during a music festival didn’t want to have sex with 2 drunk young men, to lesbian mother’s losing custody of their children, other’s their lives, the AIDS epidemic allowed to spread because it was thought to be just a “gay disease”, being infiltrated by the FBI and secret files kept on us because we might pose a threat to national security…well, those were not boring times. But having gone through all that, having been a part of the beginning of the gay rights movement, to watch all those straight women and men being joyfully moved and openly applauding the announcement of marriage of their lesbian television talk show hostess to another woman is fascinating to me. I watched that clip in awe.

    Thanks for sharing it, Alley.