Scream Club and Nicky Click at QueerBait

Right about the same time my schedule became a bit more regular, more and more queer nights started getting some much needed weekend space. But when Thursday night’s ruling king left the scene Splendora’s QueerBait stepped up to the plate. And his drag queen giantess persona is sure to make a good party. But in its 4 months of operation I still haven’t been in attendance.

Scream Club are usually not quite this snarky…

That should all change starting tomorrow when the lure of equally flamboyant and over-the-top electro punk hip-hoppers Scream Club grace the “stage” at Crush (1400 SE Morrison). Full of OlyWa gaysymmetrical bling, Scream Club manages to successfully mash up various cultural, musical and fashion references into a show focused on fun, energy, and comraderie. It’s refreshing to see in gay communities that can occasionally take themselves so seriously.

They are joined by fellow Olympian, the offbeat Nicky Click who tip toes through performances that are both entertaining and strange. But as with any club night, the biggest lure is the dance floor. Splendora and SC together, will get you on it, no question.

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