Mercury sex survey tidbits

I love that during the Merc’s annual sex survey they ask the flip flop question. You know the one. If you absolutely had to sleep with someone of the gender you normally don’t, who would it be? This topic usually comes up after playing drunken games of “I never…” and most respondents were probably a little tipsy when they were filling out this survey, so it should work just fine.

And the results:

Hey Straight Men and Lesbians! If forced to choose, which male celebrity would you most like to boink?

(10) Barack Obama. (9) Ryan Reynolds. (8) Justin Timberlake. (7) Adrien Brody. (6) Daniel Radcliffe. (5) Brad Pitt. (4) George Clooney. (3) Johnny Depp. (2) Jake Gyllenhaal. And your #1 male celeb that men and lesbos would like to boink? HEATH LEDGER. (Eww. Let’s assume you answered that a few weeks ago.)

Honorable mention: “The corpse of Rerun from What’s Happening!!”

Hey Straight Ladies and Gays! If forced to choose, which female celebrity would you most like to boink?

(10) Beyonce. (9) Alyson “Willow from Buffy” Hannigan. (8) Salma Hayek. (7) Keira Knightley. (6) Jessica Alba. (5) Natalie Portman. (4) Cate Blanchett. (3) Maggie Gyllenhaal. (2) Scarlett Johansson. And your #1 female celeb that ladies and gays would like to boink? ANGELINA JOLIE.

Honorable mention: “That lady from the Orbit gum commercial.”

I’m with my PDX brethren on most of these choices, except maybe Barack and Clooney, but if you’re a regular reader you’ll know where I helped contribute on this one…

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