Iconic lesbian chanteuse K.D. Lang in Portland

With a newly released album as richly textured as her extensive catalog — while still winding its way through new territory — it is not surprising that both of this weekend’s K.D. Lang shows at the Aladdin are sold out.

Lang’s first release with all new material in eight years, Watershed has the room to explore the breadth of her work as singer/songwriter, torch ‘n’ twang country musician, pop songstress and even producer. As intensely personal as it is varied, Watershed provides a wide base for Lang to explore her long and winding career in her live shows this weekend.

And because Lang’s cover songs are as rich and ironically original as, well, her originals, I give you a live performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (which also appears on the new album). It is as powerful as it is different from the original.

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