Mid-week shenanigans

Forget St Patrick’s Day, apparently the queers celebrate on Hump Day. Tomorrow sees 2 gathering spots, one on either side of the river.

Celebrate Easter Gaycation at the tried and true Holocene (1001 SE Morrison). The long-lasting night moves back to Wednesday this month and back to the fantastically zero cover charge. Remember to wear pastel undies and your favorite bunny suit (recommendation mine). Residents Snowtiger, Mr. Charming and Automaton will be at the decks.

For another cheap yet exciting date check out the GenderQueer night at Red Eye Lounge (208 NW Couch Street). Located near Casey’s, the new Eagle and some other emerging q spots, Old Town seems poised to become downtown’s new gay epicenter. And while I don’t exactly know what GenderQueer night entails, the promise of live music, special food and drink, and a flyer as fantastically red as the club’s not-quite-finished website, makes this weeknight one worth checking out.

Welcome back Thursday morning hangover. Welcome back.

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