Get on the Gravy Train!!!!

Hunx, Chunx, Funx and Junx

Gravy Train!!!!, the electro-spastic sexy quartet has been making people gay for the better part of a decade now. And now they’ve come a-recruitin’ to our fair city (as if we needed any help) with a show at Hippodrome/Rotture (315 SE 3rd Ave.) tomorrow.

The spandex-clad clan of super bisexual, potty-mouthed hipsters are pretty amusing when you play their albums at a party. Imagine instead these same porn-next-door heroes busting it out for a gang of alcohol-fueled fans at one of Portland’s scene epicenters and even then I doubt you’ll truly be able to imagine the frenzy that is bound to take place at this surprisingly all-ages show.

Joined by hometown punkettes The New Bloods, the Gay Deceivers and DJ Beyonda this is one party you’re going to need to reserve your energy for, and most likely take a cold shower after.

(And feel free to check out the very-nearly-safe-for-work video below)

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