Oregon’s pregnant man will be on Oprah

The elusive Thomas Beatie, the Bend, Oregon man who has been making headlines due to his noticeable pregnancy, has agreed to do his first TV appearance. And Oprah (along with People Magazine) landed the interview.

In the teaser clip I’ve included below she asks, “Do you think our country, this world, is ready?…” But this question, while on the surface compelling, is largely irrelevant. The world may not be ready for Thomas Beatie and his progeny but the kid is coming regardless.

The question I’m interested in is how mainstream media, like Oprah and People, will shape his story differently from queer-focused and more alternative publications. We’ll start to find out this Thursday when the show airs.

5 comments to Oregon’s pregnant man will be on Oprah

  • PokrTomPdx

    Why hasn’t anyone pointed out the obvious? Thomas is not a pregnant man. Thomas does not have the sexual reproductive organs of a man. Thomas is a woman, who had transgenered surgery to look like a man. So Thomas is not a pregnant man, Thomas is a pregnant woman that just looks like a man!

  • Ruby20

    It’s quite obvious to me that this is no miracle because she is a woman inside.

    The question I have is, who got her pregnant?

  • Ruby20

    It is quite obvious that this is no miracle. He is a woman inside. Nothing new. Woman have always had babies.

    My question is, since he has a wife, why is he pregnant and how did he get pregnant/

  • qpdx

    They got pregnant via artificial insemination.

    Nancy had endometriosis and had to have a hysterectomy, therefore was unable to carry the child. They wanted their own so their only choice was for him to carry the child. And it’s a pretty selfless act if you think about it.

  • farmergirl5

    I just saw Thomas and Nancy on TLC. I guess it’s realy old news.
    I just wanted to comment somewhere. I don’t think the point is Thomas being a man or woman. I think that it’s wonderful that he took time from being himself and said yes I will do this for us as a family. Not many people would do that man or woman. Also I think that this couple will love and care for this child and she will be happy and healthy knowing that her parents truely wanted her and wouldn’t let the crazies of this world keep them from having a family. Also I feel it’s not up to us to judge them on this earth. That’s for God. I just don’t feel like you could damn someone with so much love to share.