Brady Quinn is, like, so gay

Is this the face of a gay man?

I refuse to spend a lot of time commenting on this or researching this because sports dudes with issues spouting bigoted comments are nothing new. But apparently, lots of folks do want to talk about football’s golden boy Brady Quinn shouting the holiest of holies in front of an LA gay bar. In my opinion when the venom gets to this point the player is mostly likely gay himself, with a huge amount of internalized homophobia, and scared to death. Will some more dudes please come out of the closet in professional sports? This is the last bastion of such intense stigma it seems, even more than the military (though there’s no official policy thankfully). I really don’t see why playing games and gay sex don’t go together. Oh wait, they so do…

2 comments to Brady Quinn is, like, so gay

  • kengi

    oh he a gay. he totally a gay. and i bet he’s wearing puka shells under that collar. and he probably smell like CK1.

  • TheMarcus

    Most guys who follow sports will not be surprised by this. It’s always been one of those things where you question him. Dude’s just a little too obsessed with his body (and probably those of his teammates).

    Well, as a San Fransisco 49ers fan, I’m glad to see he will never be donning that jersey.

    And what he did is utterly disgusting and unnecessary.

    Guess he was just too scared to walk into the club and ask one of the guys for their #.