Lilo lesbo gal pal vs. the gay blogger (Perez triumphs)

It was his suit that truly swung the jury…

In a message that clearly says, “Don’t f*** with the Queen of All Media,” celeb-blasting blogger Perez Hilton is entitled to nearly $85,000 to pay his legal costs in a defamation lawsuit brought by a friend of actress Lindsay Lohan.

Samantha Ronson, the fashionable but fugly DJ rumored to have been having an affair with Lohan, attempted to sue Perez for quoting another gossip-monger who claimed that Ronson had planted her coke stash in Lohan’s car, found after her one of the young star’s infamous crashes.

Score 1 for free speech and 0 for snotty pretentious dykes. Stop playing L Word, Ronson. You’re a Curl Girl at best…

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