The Eagle PDX to move off Stark Street

Looks like our beloved triangle continues to die a slow, yuppie-invading death as it loses yet another of its longtime gay spots, The Eagle PDX. Come February, the kink and leather friendly host to such nights as Blow Pony and How Rude will move into Old Town next to fellow queer bar Casey’s on SW 6th Ave.

In an email to WW’s Byron Beck Eagle owner Karl Wilgus writes:

After nearly 22 years on Burnside, Eagle PDX will move in the next few weeks to it’s new location, 27 NW 6TH. The decision was made Tuesday to move the bar because of our failure to gain a long term lease, market conditions, rumors about the building being sold/ torn down as well as badly needed repairs such as heat and air conditioning.Eagle PDX will carry on in the space currently occupied by “The Tunnel”. We expect it to be open as the new Eagle PDX by the end of February.

And I’m sad that Stark Street is succumbing the gentrification formerly experienced by minority neighborhoods. Silverado’s just moved mere weeks ago and the bath house shut down long before to make way for more an encroaching Pearl District upscale hipster venues such as the new Ace Hotel. But still we march on and a regrouping in Old Town isn’t so bad. Casey’s is an adorable little bar with a damn decent Happy Hour and I’ve always loved Hobo’s food and drink. Numerous other Q joints dot the OT such as the Dirty Duck and Fox and Hounds (if that’s still there…) and we can appreciate the seedier ambiance that any city’s “Old District” must surely embrace.

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