If it’s an attention ploy, Paris Hilton, I guess it’s working

I’m not sure why this snapshot of Paris holding a lady’s hand is more damning than a President kissing another man on live TV (even if she is coming out of a ladies-only club) but Paris Hilton continues to ride the lesbo rumor train all the way to Attentionville.

And while I have little doubt that this is a grasp at more press, that doesn’t mean that Paris is necessary not engaging in a little actual lezzie nookie. Is it really that hard to believe that a party girl would get down with another party girl, whether or not she would actually ever put a ring on her finger? The way or us to find out would be to stop giving all the homo rumors so much attention…or just wait until the girly sex tape emerges I suppose.

Personally I’m fairly contented with not knowing exactly when or for whom Paris Hilton or a President are putting their legs in the air, but it sure is fun to ask you all to speculate.

To relive the Republican love fest check out the video below.

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