DIY, Portland: Too Hot for Radio

The FCC can be a b****. I used to have a radio show in college, only a few slip ups here and there, so I know. But what’s great about that is we can feel super bada$$ when we’ve got a guest so intense it has to be a web-only broadcast. Such is the case with today’s DIY Portland with host Julie Sabatier (also of Just Out). Starting today guest sex columnist Dan Savage will be expounding upon the best of DIY subjects: masturbation at and

A special listening party will take place tonight at the Waypost Coffeeshop (3120 N Williams Ave) at 7p. So be ready for some embarrassment and flush cheeks. Oh my but it’s so much fun talking dirty in public…

Here’s some more info from your host:

DIY, Portland is a monthly radio show and podcast highlighting revolutionary do-it-yourself projects. This two-year-old show has grown up from Portland’s grassroots to become a full-fledged documentary series, featuring recorded field sound, in-studio interviews and personal narration blended with music from Pacific Northwest artists. In 22 episodes, the show has covered a diverse range of topics from zines to underground restaurants to home funerals.

“DIY, Portland” is regularly broadcast on KBOO Community Radio, but due to the racy content of the December show (and the current FCC climate), it will be a Web exclusive. The topic will be that very special do-it-yourself project we all do when we’re alone, namely masturbation. In some ways, it’s the ultimate in DIY.

Host and producer Julie Sabatier welcomes guests such as syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who will enlighten listeners about the dangers as well as the ethics of DIY sex, and Portlander Isis Leeor, who will talk about a class she created called “Look Ma, No Hands! How to Orgasm With Your Breath.” Listeners will get the inside scoop on assisted onanism from a protected source in the phone sex industry. The show will also include music from Leviethan (

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