What Perez sez

Beth Ditto with Perez Hilton

Perhaps some day yours truly will be asked her opinion on all things pop culture, but until that day I’m ok with Perez Hilton, chubby gay blogger to the stars, taking the reigns in that capacity. It seems the lad has a new show (mini-series perhaps?) on VH1 called “What Perez sez.” Tonight’s episode with feature discussions on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. And because Perez’s best gal pal (and my idol) Beth Ditto will be on tonight’s premiere I’m sure there will be lots to say not only about Britney’s lack of trying to cover up her lip-syncing, but perhaps even headier discussions. Either way, there’s sure to be antics with a pair like those two.

Show premieres tonight at 9p on VH1.

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