Booty's last days have moved


As if all the turmoil and loss surrounding the last 3 nights of Booty weren’t enough, turns out the party is being moved as well. Formerly of Plan B/Acme, the Booty’s final days, starting with tomorrow night, will actually be held at nearby Crush (1400 SE Morrison). So at least it’s familiar. I will miss the huge outside area in the back of Plan B but in general I like Crush better anyhow. They’re friendlier, have better drinks, and there are 3 separate rooms, each with their own charms. So as the party begins to wind down it’s heating up at the same time. It’s bound to get frenzied as the end approaches. In Puppet’s words:

Thank you for all the support and all the great times! While it would be hard to top some of the legendary events that have taken place at our prestigious party, may the last 3 be at least close to the best 3.

Oh yeah, and she also wanted to let everyone know she’s pregnant with Stormy’s baby. No word on how that will affect her Booty DJ drinking plan…

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