Boys will be: Alone in our rooms

Splendora and the Gender Fluids

I’m somewhat perturbed by the oddness and possible banality of the title, but the flyer very much makes me want to see Splendora and the Gender Fluids’ newest show Boys will be: Alone in our rooms. It looks fun and possibly a great adventure back through childhood. But despite that the boys make think they’re alone in their rooms I would be ready for some audience participation and all that entails as the performance is labeled “interactive.” For a more detailed description I leave it up to the Fluids’ themselves to describe the show:

The Gender Fluids are Lee Kyle, Kaj-anne Pepper and Chad Tolsen, a performance group utilizing movement, multimedia and language to create a raw and unexpected demonstration of gender.

Dallas Oliver is an installation artist who brings about comfortably controlled viewer interaction as he exposes people to new environments.

Boys Will Be: Alone in Our Rooms is an exploration into the lives of boys and the discoveries made while alone in their rooms. The Gender Fluids and Dallas Oliver construct a world full of solar systems, sugar, comic books, monsters, flies and solitary gratifications.

Boys Will Be starts tonight with another performance on Saturday as well as next Fri/Sat the 28th/29th at the Mark Woolley Gallery at the Wonder Ballroom (128 NE Russell), 8p, 10 bucks.

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