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Not one to want to duplicate efforts I gotta say The Merc’s rundown of Pride nighttime events is pretty thorough. I think the only things they missed were tonight’s Booty, one of my perennial faves and longest lasting of the queer parties I’ve ever seen, tomorrow’s Juicy and Saturday’s Queer Rebellion. Coincidentally, these are the 3 I am most likely to attend, although Saturday is the big get ready sleepover so I’ll likely be staying in. Nonetheless here are my picks.


My pick:
Booty has all the usual suspects but with that whole amped up Pride vibe. I know it love it. I’ll be there late (ugh, work…)

From the Merc:

GENDER BENDER VARIETY SHOW–Head to the Egyptian Club for the 12th Annual Gender Bender Variety Show–hosted by Sasha Scarlett, the event features bands like Minerva, drag kings, drag queens, and other “illusionists.” (Egyptian Club, 3701 SE Division, 9 pm, $5,

The E Room. I know I know. But hey, I love a variety show so I would give it a shot.


My picks: Lucky thing Rotture and Holocene are so close. While Juicy is tempting, those Rotture nights can be a mixed bag (straight hipsters can be nice but too many is overwhelming) though I do love DJ Beyonda. But I just can’t say no to Gaycation’s LeTigre DJ set.

From the Merc:

PAJAMA SLUMBER PARTY–Bring a stuffed toy for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and save a couple of bucks on the cover. If you stay until midnight, you’ll see go-go boys have a pillow fight. (Boxxes, 1035 SW Stark, 10 pm, $3-5,

UNDERWEAR PARTY–Remember your mother’s advice: Wear a clean pair for Bent’s UnderWear Party tonight. (Bent, 633 SE Powell, 230-2368)

Pajamas and underwear, what could be better, or more comfortable?


My pick: Queer Rebellion with DJ Puppet (Booty), DJ Boy (Church of Girl), and Mr. Charming (Gaycation). If you missed either of the previous few days this has a lot of the same characters. But once you combine the idea of rebellion with the impending culmination of Pride weekend, not to mention coming on the heels of the Dyke and Trans March this promises to be so much more than off the hook. Really it might be so hot, so fun, and so crazy it scares me.

From the Merc:

DYKEMARCH 2007 and PORTLAND TRANS MARCH–The annual DykeMarch–the raucous women’s march through downtown on Pride eve–is joined by the first ever Trans March. Both diverse contingents meet in the North Park Blocks, banners, signs, and noisemakers in tow. (North Park Blocks, NW 9th & Davis, gather at 6 pm all ages,

GIRL4GIRL ALL WOMEN’S PRIDE–After they perform at the waterfront, God-Des & She trek to Northeast, where they’ll entrance the packed Wonder Ballroom–hundreds of women came to G4G’s inaugural Portland event in May–with their Brooklyn beats. If that doesn’t get you, the go-go girls will! (Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell, 9 pm, $12-15,

ALL MALE EXPERIENCE–Info on this event leaves plenty to the imagination: Steam Portland, the gay bathhouse and sex club in NE Portland, is turning out the lights at 10 pm, for a night with Matt Cole, a Chicago-based porn star who seems to hate wearing a shirt, according to his MySpace page. (Steam Portland, 2885 NE Sandy, 10 pm,

Sometimes I think “If only I was a bio boy…how much more trouble I could get into…” Get into it for me and I can live vicariously through you.


I’ll probably be dead by the end of Sunday but if you still have it in you go ahead and join the Sissyboys at Embers and then sleep…at least until next weekend when I turn 26. Woohoo!

SISSYBOY–After roller-skating the parade route, those Sissy Boys are headed to Ember’s, along with mainstage performers Slow Mo Erotic of Los Angeles. (Embers, 110 NW Broadway,

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