Quench your literary feast at In Other Words

I knew independent feminist bookstores were slowly disappearing in this country. As a freshman in college I saw the lesbian run shop that first welcomed me to Northampton fade away with my first semester. What I didn’t know, is that these stores have already gone the way of the Dodo. Almost.

From the “I heart Brooklyn Girls” 2007 calendar

Portland is the last city in these great states to have a non-profit feminist bookstore, In Other Words on N Killingsworth. This way more than queer-friendly institution nurtures nights like Dirty Queer readings of erotica and introduced my to my favorite calendar ever (hot ladies and an historical theme, how could I not love it?) “I heart Brooklyn Girls.” Not to say that IOW is all about sex, but they’re certainly not your Andrea Dworkin form of 70s feminism. They’re just plain fantastic. They are also celebrating their adolescence this, their 15th birthday year and trying to reach their goal of raising $10,000 in their One Hundred Women Strong grassroots campaign.

But wait there’s more!

This Monday the 18th they will be celebrating their Seventh Annual Literary Feast.

The literary feast celebrates the In Other Words community and raises
funds to support the country’s one and only nonprofit feminist
bookstore. This year’s theme is “Working Women” and features the a
diverse representation of the work of women. The feast will feature
readings by local writer Jessamyn Rae, gypsy torch trio Myshkin’s Ruby
Warblers, a radical feminist film by PMS Media, Felina, the sultry
twilight duo, and the local treasure Renee Mitchell. The program
offers participants a chance to revel in women’s literary and musical
work, fine cuisine, stimulating company and a spectacular silent
auction with donations from Portland businesses and crafters. We
anticipate the Literary Feast will draw approximately 300

In Other Words has thrived as a community institution during a period
when many independent and feminist bookstores around the country have
collapsed due to harsh economic times and fierce competition from
superstores. The continued vigor of In Other Words is a testament to
the power of community in supporting a local business. The store is a
community center for art and politics, a place that encourages women’s
creative expression, radical ideas, and political activism. Grassroots
organizing groups use the store for meetings free of charge. The store
also sponsors lectures, workshops, open mic evenings, readings,
classes, and musical events.

If you haven’t seen our new space on 8 N. Killingsworth (corner of N.
Williams & Killingsworth), you’ve got to check it out. It is a
remarkable space. Don’t forget you can also support In Other Words by
shopping online at

To get tickets, email or come to the store.

Sounds like a fantastic way to wind down from pride no?

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