Dyke favs The Indigo Girls in town Saturday

The Stonewall anniversary month of June is a great time for queer musicians to tour. The sun is out but not sweltering and they’re welcomed in the many cities of the tour with the ardour of fans fresh from the intoxicating melee of the Pride celebrations.

We West Coast inhabitants, unfortunately, lost Team Dresch to the East Coast this summer, but I can’t complain much as they’re sure to return home with more tunes and scads of shows leading up to a new album next year.

Perhaps even better for most lady lovin’ ladies, however, is the arrival of more traditional dyke favs Indigo Girls this Saturday at the Aladdin (3017 SE Milwaukie). Despite our usual lateness as gay people this show is already sold out so you’re either celebrating or trying ot get crafty. I don’t usually equate folk with raucous partying but you put that many excited women in on theater and there’s bound to be some craziness. Even I appreciated Amy Ray’s your with The Butchies and even a round or two of “Closer to Fine” around a cozy campfire. But not everyone does so stay tuned for a rundown of more of the weekend Pride activities I’ll be having a hard time choosing between. And if IG is your thang, peep the video below to get your personal party started.

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