Parade line up and guest commentary

Pride 2005

As this year’s Portland Pride draws ever nearer I am getting more and more excited. Your’s truly will be in full force this Sunday with my crew handing out stickers and trying not to fall off our bikes as we’re taking pictures and video. It’s sure to be entertaining, if for the bike crashes alone. The nebulously named Q crew of folks (sometimes referred to as Team Awesome or GrundleForce) will be dressed in that 6 bright color schema that has come to represent queer communities. I will be Mr. Blue and my compadres can be identified by their colors as they will appear in Thursday’s Pride Guide. Because they are almost as excited I am I have also decided to open up the next few days of blogging to their efforts. Hopefully each will contribute a guest commentary leading up to our Sunday appearance. So stay tuned. Really, some of them are much funnier than me.

Another tidbit to whet your Pride Parade appetite is the lineup. The whole parade should be fun and friendly, if not outrageous and ridiculous (like when the Sissyboys go by) but everyone needs to know when a slightly less exciting corporate sponsor is passing, giving you a window of opportunity to catch a bathroom break. You know how the gays are, always changing things, but this is the lineup as of now from the annual starters Dykes on Bikes to the enigmatic Boarder Riders. (We’re number 19, you know OregonLive I guess…) For more info visit the Pride NW website.

Dykes on Bikes 2005

1. Dykes on Bikes

2. Pride Banner & Balloon Arch by Balloons on Broadway

3. Color Guard

4. Veterans For Peace Chapter 72

5. Wells Fargo with Spirit of Pride Winner Sen. Ginny Burdick

6. Ethyl Forever Car Club with Grand Marshals Sam Adams and Tina Kotek

7. Sexual Minorities Round Table

8. Human Rights Campaign

9. Our House

10. Robert Liberty

11. Democratic Party Of Oregon GLBT Caucus

12. Gay Freedom Band

13. Multnomah County (PRISM) & Ted Wheeler

14. Portland Black Pride & Brother to Brother

15. Saturday in The Park

16. Eugene / Springfield Pride

17. Pets on Broadway

18. Cricket Wireless

19. Oregon Live

20. Q-Center

21. Portland Gay men’s Chorus

22. Elder Resource Alliance

23. PLOP *Running Kids Tent*

24. Confluence Chorus

25. Darcelle XV

26. Radical Faeries

27. Imperial Sovereign Rose Court

28. Shanghai Stars

29. Sissyboy

30. Imperial Sovereign Court of the Willamette Empire

31. Poder Latino

32. Oregon Humane Society

33. Evergreen High Gay Straight Alliance

34. Starbucks

35. Bad Girls

36. Oregon Leather Fraternity

37. Portland Leather Alliance

38. Washington State Mr. Leather 2007

39. Blackout Leather Productions

40. Scream at the Beach

41. Pink Pistols

42. Oregon Bears

43. Clinton Street Cabaret

44. Equity Foundation

45. BRO

46. Combustible Media

47. Camp Starlight

48. Umatilla Morrow Alternatives

49. Research Education Group

50. National College of Natural Medicine

51. CAP

52. Outside Inn

53. Portland Sisters of perpetual indulgence

54. Planned Parenthood

55. Volkswagen Credit

56. Scandals Lounge and Restaurant

57. Metropolitan Community Church

58. Mid Columbia Unitarians

59. United Church of Christ

60. St Michaels Episcopal

61. Community of welcoming Congregations

62. First Unitarian Church

63. Soka Gakkai International


65. Rainbow RV

66. Century HS GSA

67. Gresham High School GSA


69. PSU Queers & Allies

71. Asian Pacific Island Lesbians and Gays

72. Siren Nation

73. Recesstime Sports

74. Rose City Rollers

75. Portland Avalanche Rugby

76. PDX Pride Bowling League

77. Rosetown Ramblers

78. YWCA

79. Love Tribe

80. Happy our production

81. Northwest Gender Alliance

82. NE Portland Relay for life

83. Bring Abuse out of the Closet

84. Just out

85. Price Waterhouse Coopers

86. Intel Corp

87. HP

88. Kaiser

89. PGE

90. Nike

91. Smooth Jazz

92. Volunteers of America

93. Pride Foundation

94. Oregon Psychological Association

95. SEIU Local 503 Lavender Caucus

96. Steam Portland

97. Egyptian Club

98. Red Dress

99. Clackamas County PLAG

100. Catholic Coalition of Welcoming Parish

101. Vancouver Heights

102. First United Methodist

103. Love Makes a family

104. Movin 107.5

105. Portland Gay Yellow Pages

106. Portland Team Volleyball

107. Quest Center for Integrative Health

108. Central Lutheran Church

109. Starkies

110. Pussy Posse

111. K-Boo

Last: Boarder Riders

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