What I’m listening to

The concept of sharing what’s in your walkman or your ipod is not a new thing. And anyone with a personal blog of any kind probably highlights what they’ve been listening to. I feel like I’m going out on a limb, a potentially embarrassing limb even, (for example I’m kind of gaga over Justin Timberlake right now) to post this sort of information in this arena. But the truth is that I am obsessed with musical social networking and I also like to think that my tastes are both queer and current. So I’m utlizing‘s blogging charts to bring you a weekly list of what I’ve been plugged into. It’s not comprehensive. I listen to plenty of music on the go that doesn’t register because it only reads what I play on the computer. But I figured it could be interesting for those of you out there to have a little window into my musical soul. These charts are updated every Sunday so I’ll be bringing you this little feature every Monday in the future.

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