Ebay kowtows to evangelicals

What you do comes back to you. If Ted Haggard’s fall from grace can be turned around to benefit HIV/AIDS patients who is Ebay to block that? Mike Jones talked with Ebay officials before he put up the massage table where he, ahem, worked on Ted Haggard. They gave him a green light to auction off the table to benefit Project Angel Heart, an organization that brings food to people with HIV/AIDS. But when Delaware-based Transforming Congregations’ Reverend Karen Booth wrote to Ebay to complain, they pulled the auction.

Is this an embarrassing subject? Yes. Does it shame Ted Haggard and, to a certain extent, the church that shielded him? Sure. But why does that matter when selling a legitamite bit of emphemera, a product that Mike Jones owns and has the right to sell in any venue?

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