The Gossip takes a stand against Topshop

The Gossip

Well I guess this answers some of my questions about whether The Gossip’s major label signing meant any loosening of morals. Score one for the band’s frontwoman Beth Ditto for refusing to play a show at UK’s trendy clothing store Topshop until they let her design a clothing line for real bodies. Ditto has always been at the forefront of fashion, rocking her style on a frame that is shamless in both its hotness and fatness. She’s even appeared on the cover of lesbian erotic magazine On Our Backs with her longtime partner Freddie. While I certainly can’t claim that, or even come near the level of fashionista she has already acheived without the help of skinny-people stores like Topshop, I too am constantly disappointed at not being able to get ahold of clothes I adore that are just not cut for me. I’ve always dreamed of opening a shop for queers that specialized in wide-hipped blazers and size 15 pumps…

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