L Word wrap up

I actually don’t have a ton to say about the L Word’s Season 4 finale. Usually I can whine plenty on how annoying the show has become. But while last night’s finale did not blow me away it actually had a fair amount of satisfying moments.

I liked Shane in the odd Le Tigre-like 50s reenactments. I was proud that she remembered Paige’s birthday in that sweet and surprising way. I even like Paige herself, though she is not nearly as hot as the flaming Carmen, whom I miss.

I liked it when Alice was visited by the departed and got her ass off the couch to say goodbye to someone truly special and much less shallow than the rest of the cast.

I cheered when Peabody stole the cash even if I wasn’t surprised (yeah I memorized that combo too!) and I thought the power-suited combination of Phyllis and Joyce was adorable. (With names like that it’s just so right…)

Jenny adrift on the L Word season finale

But the absolutely most excellent coup de grĂ¢ce was not only seeing Jenny snootily caught in her own traps by Little Miss Sassy Director and the Merkin, but actually seeing her pile into a bright yellow raft that drifted out to sea. Hopefully she’ll never come back.

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