New club night, The Thin Pink Line, tonight!

Sorry this is so last minute, dear readers, but I just found out about it. I know, that means I’m painfully out of the loop. But winter’s ending and I feel myself jumping right back into said loop. The Thin Pink Line busts a juicy queer dance move every second and fourth Friday of the month at Rotture (315 Se Third). Better yet, it’s a themed dance party. (You know how I fetishize a good theme). Today’s is Mardi Gras. Ok so we’re a little late but it’s Portland and we’re operating on Gay Standard Time anyway right?

Rotture, the former Loveland, B Complex, what-evah, has traditionally been all ages but I really can’t say what kind of venue it’s become. But my chief concern was whether there would be alcohol and, thankfully, the answer is a resounding (and slurred) yes. In fact, Sparks-mosas are on special for a lowly dollar. And since Sparks is already champagne infused with taurine and malt substance (yes, the American version of the Brit loved vodka and Red Bull) that means you get two! Two Sparks! And as I age I realize the importance of keeping both my alcohol and caffeine levels up when I go out, so this is my perfect drink. Too bad I don’t realize the importance of good taste huh?

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