Homophobic performer

Just got this note from Todd at the Simmons Equality Network And though I don’t have time to do much research I have heard this before and thought it was important that you be informed of the homophobia surrouding Buju Banton’s performance, which is at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom tonight.

“Banton is a reggae/dancehall performer with a 15-year history of inciting and participating in harassment and violence against gay men. His song ‘Boom, Bye, Bye’ calls for gays to be beaten, have acid poured on their heads and killed. He was only acquitted of charges earlier this year that he was part of a Kingston, Jamaica, gang that invaded a private home and beat three gay men, two of them severely enough to send them to the hospital. I feel strongly that we cannot allow his performance to go forward in Eugene, and we are mobilizing on multiple fronts against WOW Hall’s decision to schedule the show. As the head of EQuality Network, a Eugene/Springfield political action committee, I am calling on the mayor and other community leaders to get involved in helping us toward an acceptable resolution.”

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