Say Goodnight Gracie

It’s been 8 years that a gay man and a straight woman have gushed upon each other on national television, 8 years that Jack has pranced across the screen, 8 years that Karen has been a scathing rich Medusa. But whether you love Will & Grace or think it trite and old, the show has become an institution. And though it may present us mainly as fodder for laughter and less like evolved, sexual human beings, it was one of the first truly mainstream shows with gay main characters at all. And it emerged a mere year after the completely insane fits of excitement caused by Ellen’s coming out show. So tomorrow’s final episode is certain to bring tears to many a gay eye. For any of its shortcomings Will and Grace has made me chuckle out loud. It has characters that are, if imperfect, at least interesting, and certainly an unusual love between the two main characters but goes beyond most sitcoms. You will be missed.

The final episode airs tomorrow at 9, following a retrospective at 8 on NBC (Channel 6 KOIN).

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