Oh the in-fighting

This recent article of the struggles Seattle Pride organizers are going through reminds me of all the muck and mire we queers can get ourselves into. Though we may band together by some sort of alternative sexuality (and our friends that want to be cool as well) we are a diverse people that often have a hard time making decisions and getting things done because of our differences. Of course this is not always a weakness. It also means we are listening to each other and considering each others needs, which I see as a strength. But it can be tough. I am reminded of last year’s Dyke March fiasco wherein the usual organizers didn’t get the usual Saturday-before-Sunday-Pride march going and instead wanted to march as a segment of Sunday’s larger parade. I believe, though I did not attend, that a last minute Saturday march was organized. I really don’t know the inside information as I am not an organizer but the impression I got was that those who marched Sunday (who included the Lesbian Avengers as well as others) have a more radical approach. It does appear that this year will see a Saturday march again, but as for the politics around the event, I am woefully uninformed. I would, however, love to hear feedback from any of you. Though impending blog technology is still on its way (oh very soon dear readers I assure you) and comments are not available quite yet. I would be happy to manually (snicker snicker) post any comments you have. And track the getting ready for Portland’s Pride at the website for Pride NW.

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