L Word wrap up

Oh Shane, oh Shane, thou art not thy father, though you seem to be trying your damnedest to be.

Max, the moment you desired to pass and become a boring privileged man you ceased to have any interest. What would your coworker buddies say if they knew you canoodled with a gay man, let alone that youre a transsexual…

I love you Peggy Peabody, you’re the most interesting character this season and I am anxious to see what becomes of you’re newly poor daughter.

Bette, please. You’re hysterics are beginning to be too much. And Tina, don’t trust that selfish man you’ve hopped into playtime with just because Bette can match his horror.

And Kit, that man is adorable. Keep him and the baby.

It does appear that the writers have saved at least some interest for the seasons final two episodes. Barely any, but (and I can’t believe I’m about to say something nice) I think enough to make me want to stick around for Season 4.

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