Historical lesbians in print

Ok, so I haven’t been to Cupcake yet, so no new night out review, and perhaps there has been a bit of laziness on my part in general. Nonetheless, it seems that, despite the coming of the sunshine, and shedding of the winter coats, there is very little queer happenings, or even that much queer news in general. Really folks, I only blogged about the fairly lackluster, if somewhat amusing, final episode of the L Word, because I had to. Please tell me my impending 25th birthday is not making me blind to the goings-on of queer events and party life?

Nay! Perhaps it is just swaying from Clubland to Literaryville. There is but one event I can think of to highlight at the moment. That is this Thursday’s reading at Powells Book by Sarah Waters. The woman who brought you the sexy, if sad, tales of Victorian lezzies is back with new social outcasts in a new decade. Waters will be reading from her new book, Night Watch, which is set in 1940s London. I do love to read about our gay gay history and watch it on screen as well. Water’s most popular book, Tipping the Velvet, (oh, the title alone is enough to scandalize…) was made into a 6 hour mini-series and screened at numerous gay film festivals. Though the casting was all wrong, and the BBC made a mostly serious story quite silly at times, the film still preserved the super sexiness that Waters always infuses, even amidst the tragedy. To me, a film with 19th century sex toys is always worth watching. I expect, then, that Sarah Waters’ reading will also be worth listening to.

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