For the boys and the girls

Though I truly believe Booty remains king of the queer scene, theres always more little nights popping up here and there, so if your Thursday nights arent free heres a Tuesday and a Wednesday. And if any of you kids want to send me reviews please please do. I can be a busy girl sometimes and cant always get out every night. I do work you know

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays Tonight at Kellys Olympian (426 SW Washington) Sissyboys Polygrip hosts Hog, a brand-spankin new queer night.Electronic drag duo Caught in Candy, Sneakin Out, and DJ Mr. Crane. Is this really the same dive bar I used to down Pabst at on my lunch hour in order to escape my last job? Lets see it evolve ladies and gentlemen9p $2-4.

Wednesdays Dr. Dresch and DJ Puppet make space for the females at a new Ladies Night at Bossonova (720 E Burnside). Um, no cover, girly bum-shakin and the goddesses of dance and rockwhy wouldnt you be there?

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