Sauvie Secrets

Despite the fact that I grew up here, and Ive been back long enough to be on my second Portland summer, I had never been to Sauvie Island before this June. Presented with four different beach options I figured it was worth swimming in water that might be less than crystal and was excited to finally scope it out. Unfortunately, Ive discovered its not quite as simple finding the perfect spot so, loyal readers, Ive decided to give you some tips Ive discovered among the many weekends Ive spent at Collins Beach.

Sauvie was presented to me as a line of four themed beaches: a clothed straight beach, a clothed gay beach, a nude straight and a nude gay. The nekkid beaches were to begin as the paved road turned to gravel. However, our first stop, near the beginning of the gravel road, presented us with a hoard of beach bunny blonde teens. The sign that had previously read clothing optional had painted over the optional, extending clothed space. We christened this section of the beach MTV Beach Party.

The next weekend slightly farther down the beach seemed a fairly mundane, family-friendly section of clothing optional waterfront. This was not a bad area. Attempt number three, at the next porta-potty down the lane, was a nice, fairly quiet and private space, but the sand and water were kinda mushy in an unpleasant muddy and seaweed-laden way. However, on our jaunt down the beach, past where you might think its ok to park, brought great clear water, flying rainbow kites, and several scattered log forts which definitely brought back the excitement of youthful beach play, and yet in a much queerer way. And yes, though the gay Captain Americas on these sections of the beach can, occasionally, be intimidating there really is a vast array of folks in various levels of undress (youll see me in my trunks and sunglasses), including the professor who takes and bus and hitchhikes the rest of the way, the old couples wearing nothing but fanny-packs, and even some ladies who arrived on motorcycles (although the fellas do dominate the beach).

So, in short, my advice to you is, go west, young man, go west. Go past what seems the end of the road to find your queer haven, although the spot between the 2nd and 3rd potties after the gravel begins is pretty good for mixed groupings. The summer marches on so enjoy it while you can.

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