Summer’s here for queers

Unpredictable and drizzly Northwest weather be damned, it’s time to get our summer on. My statewide summer travel kickoff began this weekend with a misty beach (oh excuse me, it’s called the coast here) trip to Lincoln City where I actually learned some new terminology, from a woman in a 10 gallon hat no less! Scoffing at the idea that there might be a secret sea side hangout, she called those of our persuasion who live by the ocean “acquainted.” Sounds a little like a Christopher Pike novel to me, but those were always a pretty sexy pre-teen read so carry on coastal queers and get ready to get acquainted.

Its a party in the woods in Southern Oregons Big Gay Campout starting this Friday and continuing through Sunday. Join your host the gay-owned Camp Telequa near Tiller (is this more rural lingo Im not hip to?) for events such as drag shows and queer eye for the tent guys best campsite. $10 per night 541-582-2894.

A bit closer to home in Eugene this Saturday is the fifth annual Big Ass Field Party. Live bands, performance artists, go-go boys and DJs. Is this in a big ol field? Im guessing so though it sounds like a pretty clubby scene to me. But it is Eugene so Im thinking this combo might be reminiscent of a rave? Hey, make fun of those baggy pants and candy necklaces in the back of my closet, there were worse movements than ones centered around peave, love, unity and respect. Besides, it really was a great way to get cuties to lick your neck6p gates, 9p entertainment, $10.

You can still enjoy the heat in town with JOQs summer sizzler BBQ and Softball Social. Need I say more? Sunday the 17th 4p (2512 NE Broadway). For a more lady oriented event try the ever-lesbian potluck hosted by DinnerGrrls at Sellwood Park this Saturday. 3-6p SE 7th and Miller. RSVP to

One more late addition:

Hoedown Benefit

Come out with us and have a fun time while supporting Transforming Us! There will be music performers, lots of fun games like sack races, pie eating contests, mud wrestling and more!

Satuday, July 16th 4-10p at SMYRC (2100 SE Belmont) $5-10 sliding scale

All proceeds will go to Transforming Us!

Drew Gadbois

Volunteer Coordinator for Transforming Us

1631 NE Broadway-PMB 242, Portland, OR 97232



Transforming us was created to aid physically transitioning people, in the portland area, to acquire surgery funds. Currently surgeries for these people are not covered by insurance companies because they are seen as elective cosmetic surgeries. We are establishing ourselves in order to monetarily assist those in need of those surgeries, particularly those who are low income.

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