Qs all over the news

Despite my wavering opinions on them, the topic of civil unions, especially in Oregon, is all over the place. So, here’s some tidbits I’ve found particularly informative.

The boys of Gay Rights Watch have a particularly good overview of Friday’s vote including speeches and a vote breakdown I thought quite a nice package.

An opinion piece in the New York Times also addresses the marriage conundrum, relating how the institution has already been changed over the centuries by heterosexuals themselves.

And speaking of the famed NYC periodical, woo boy! did they make some folks mad this week with an article claiming that bisexuality may be a myth…at least among men. Interestingly enough, people are not supposed to be trusted to self-identify, as, according to said article, bisexual men usually have sexual response (if it was measurable) to either men or women but not both, while women generally have sexual response who a host of individuals even though only about 1.5% of the female population identifies as bisexual. Scientific problems with the article are clearly outlined in this breakdown provided by the Gay and Lesbian Task Force. A simple response by Joshua Gibson expresses some very interesting points. GLAAD also had some interesting things to say.

In such a study there really can be no control group, much needs to be measured besides simple blood flow (perhaps brainwaves?), and stimuli other than commercial mainstream pornography used. If you’re measuring a bisexual man’s arousal based of those hairless buxom blondes that star in “lesbian” porn, that is certainly a problem in and of itself. Even I would take that opportunity to go to the bathroom or get more popcorn.

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