Mobtown Moxie Review

Whoa! The Hellcat Hussies burlesque troupe bring you 20 of Chicago’s finest acts together in one huge 14 act tour. The Mobtown Moxie review invades Portland this Thursday transforming the face of vaudville variety I’m sure…I don’t know how much raunch you can take but if you can handle it this is a list of what should be included in the package: flesh piercings, live music, burlesque, genderqueers, canned meat, cheerleading, comedy, reparations, sexworkers, knives and plenty of t&a.

All proceeds benefit a sex positive documentary. Don’t you just love being philathropic and nymphomaniacal all at once?

Special guests the perky T-reXXXa will kick-off the event and DJ Johnny Mozzarella will keep it rolling (along with the documentary cameras!)

Thursday 6/02 @ Holocene (1001 SE Morrison). 9p, 6 bucks.

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