Quick review of Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Fame Monster’


'Fame Monster' album covers

Friend of qPDX Katey Pants had some great insights to offer on Lady Gaga‘s new album Fame Monster and she so graciously allowed us to share them here. Obviously, I’m already smitten with the new music video for Bad Romance but what do you think of the new release?

The goal of Fame Monster is to address the darker side of fame and its consequences. Lady Gaga does not succeed in this lofty goal but she does succeed in having sweaty sexy dance tracks. Her experiments in anything aside from dance tracks are dismal failures that are annoying at best. At this point of time, right now, we need to decide if Lady Gaga’s efforts stand well enough to encourage her to keep imitating Madonna. While other recording artists have been able to plagiarize Madonna they often look like charlatans with boring and formulaic music. However, Lady Gaga’s blatant plagiarism actually produces good music. Recommended.

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