Wanna make Mayor Sam Adams sing? Donate to Basic Rights Oregon

Tina Kotek offers up a challenge on the mic

Oregon State Representative, and out lesbian, Tina Kotek is a good sport. She wants to help raise money for Basic Rights Oregon as part of their summer organizing campaign. So here’s to hoping that our Mayor Sam Adams is also a good sport (and from what I’ve seen I think he is), because Kotek has thrown down the gauntlet, saying,

…I’ve decided to up the ante. I’m laying down a challenge – if you help raise $7,500 by next week, I will challenge Mayor Sam Adams to a Karaoke contest at a Basic Rights Oregon summer garden party!

It’s a lofty goal for 7 days or less to be sure, but even meager contributions help get us on the path to 7500.

The garden party itself takes place in Bend on August 7th with an RSVP requested by July 31st to, or 503-222-6151. There is no cost to attend the party, though donations will be solicited and information about the organization’s marriage-equality campaign, trans-inclusive health care and racial justice programs will be provided.

The 4pm late afternoon party will be at the home of Sue & Mike Hollern, 511 NW Drake Road, Bend, Oregon, and will feature hor d’oeuvres, drinks, and entertainment to show your commitment to LGBT equality in Oregon. And, hopefully, a bit of a beverage fueled sing off.

In a comment so on the edge I’m not wholly convinced it’s not sarcastic, a follower of local right wing blogger/radio personality Victoria Taft exclaimed, “This is precisely why I am a teetotaler. Alcohol consumption too often leads to repulsive and offensive behavior like karaoke. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take…” in response her plea to “Please stop the karaoke.”

But whether or not Adams and Kotek have some some pipes or merely liquid courage and the encouragement of financial support, it’s worth chipping in. That is, as long as someone brings a FlipCam so we can all watch it on YouTube the next day…

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