The weekend is going on a ‘Gaycation’ anniversary with Rabbit Rabbit, Candy Shop, Maricon and a little softball meet’n’greet


Rabbit Rabbit with Lisa Schonberg & Heather Treadway – Remember when you used to get excited about new bands? Well be prepared to feel that way again with 2 new projects taking the intimate stage at Mississippi Pizza (across the street from Mississippi Studios). Two of the ladies from Explode into Colors are exploding into another musical venture so new it doesn’t even have a name. Be prepared to swoon over Lisa’s skills on the drum set. Yeow!


IndieCent – Local Lounge is trying to make main drag MLK Blvd the place to be for queers and I think it might be working. I haven’t seen the busy strip so fun as lively as I have this year. As part of this effort the Local is adding regular dance nights that are small enough to feel neighborhoody and big enough to be a party. One of the first was JunKtion but they’re expanding a a twice a month (1st & 3rd Fridays) soiree which might have a slightly more masculine flavor with organizers Nathaniel Knows and Danny Merkury. But don’t worry, boys and girls alike rule this school!


Gaycation‘s 5th Anniversary Blow Out! – It’s hard to keep the gays attention for a few minutes let alone 5 years, but good ol’ Gaycay has really kept the magic alive. Newcomers ChiChi and Chonga bring in the new with the old plus 5 special DJs to make sure your wood year anniversary is a memorable one.

Candy Shop – The sticky sweetness of $2.50 well drinks all night and Miss Gay Pride Exstacy Inferno. So pour some sugar on me because there’s no cover to lick this lolly.

Maricon celebrates DJ Moisti‘s 40th – Resident DJ Moisti wants to invite you all to her black balloon ball. Apparently there’s 6 other b-days too so the spankings are bound to be never-ending. Add in some nachos and a pinata to bash out your anger at being one year older and you’ve got yourselves a par-tay.


Rose City Softball player meet and greet – Softball is one of the gayest of sports and this crowd gets big. A “meet and greet” may sound small and innocuous enough but any RCSA get together is bound to get raucous. And if you still it out through the season you’re rewarded with slip’n’slide championships full of slick soapy naked ladies…literally.


Havoc Let you weekend extend one extra day with club night newcomer Havoc at our new favorite q venue Saratoga (6910 N Interstate Ave). Drinks are cheap and resident DJ Hookerface will make sure the hoes are too.

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