Sunday night’s Kick/Ball/Change adventure

Untrained, I

The gay community could all use a bit of flair at the moment. I am certainly looking forward to the anticipated political, comedic, queer-to-the-max showdown dance performance that will be this Sunday’s Kick/Ball/Change at Someday Lounge (125 NW 5th).

From Pant-Off Productions (the folks that gave us that magical night known as Freakshow-a-Go-Go):

Kick/Ball/Change features the smooth hip-hop moves of All of the Above, the bump-and-grind of Beefcake Burlesque, the campy hilarity of Cattitude, the blend of composition, improvisation and choreography of KO&Co., and the world premiere of Untrained, I, who combines a plethora of dance-styles with elaborate costuming and radical politics. From titillating boy-lesque, to cat-based art, to modern, hip-hop and jazz dance, to glitter, all hosted by the fabulous Noah Mickens, the evening will run the gamut of what “Dance Performance” can (and should) include.

If Freakshow is any indication, this will be a night to remember. Jam-packed with costumes and camaraderie, you won’t care that sweat is dripping down your tuxedo tails. You won’t mind the hotness around you one bit.

The performances are sure to be raucous, inventive and hilarious genderqueer fun. Kick/Ball/Change is doing its part to keep Portland (q)weird and I have a feeling it’s going to be wildly successful.

Now jazz hands kiddies!

Buy tickets in advance ($10) online at or this weekend at Fat Fancy! or day-of at the door for $15 (at the Someday Lounge starting at 8 p.m.)

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