Fred Phelp’s Westboro Baptist church protest update – The anti-climax

Counterprotestors took the east side of Water Street in Silverton in a mostly quiet rally about the election of an openly transgender mayor.

Westboro Baptist’s, “God hates fags,” church visit to Portland was a letdown…in a good way. Reports from the early morning PSU protest indicate that Westboro was outnumbered by queers and allies about 10 to 1. And when yours truly tried to get video from the protest at the German consulate, the 4 Phelps folks bolted in the face of rainbows and “God hates kittens” signs. The real test will surely be in Silverton in an hour. Though I’m doubtful they’ll be able to create much of a splash there either.


The O covered the protest in Silverton, which was the main reason Westboro came to Oregon. The abomination of electing a transgendered mayor, the loved Stu Rassmussen, was too much for them to resist. However, again, it was a paltry 4 members compared to a small town filled with love for Stu and gays and Christians alike.

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