PLGFF Tuesday previews

‘Between Love and Goodbye’

In a very cryptic description, 7 pm’s Nothing Else Matters chronicles the coming-of-age desire to move to the big city and live your dream.

When Carla runs away from home to become a fashion desire these very plans are led astray when her luggage is stolen and she must take a construction job to support her trip. From there she befriends another young girl and they share a friendship, a houseboat and the experiences of world discovery before something mysterious threatens all of Carla’s big dreams.

The second flick of the night, Between Love and Goodbye, follows the dreams of 2 attractive young men, an aspiring actor and musician, as they try to make it in NYC. Marcel’s situation is even more precarious than Kyle’s, as he is a French citizen, so when they fall in love Marcel marries a lesbian friend on order to stay in the country. Then Kyle’s ex-prostitute sister sticks her meddling head in and he must choose between love and family. Oh the drama.

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