PLGFF closing night previews

Closing night musical ‘Were the World Mine’

The final Saturday of the Film Fest blows it out with 3 films beginning at 3:30 pm with Tru Loved. Tru, a teenager with lesbian moms, is uprooted from her comfortably liberal San Francisco home and plunked in the middle of suburban SoCal. Her only friend is the local high school football star, who also happens to be a closeted homo.

When Tru tries to start the school’s first gay-straight alliance that already tenuous connection takes some hits. With an diverse ensemble cast Tru Loved promises a truly contemporary coming-of-age story where the queerest are not always the queers.

At 5:50 The Secrets delves into the life of an Orthodox Jew who falls for her female classmate throughout the process of attempting to “purify” a beautiful, mysterious older woman, who may have committed a crime of passion. Making piety hot once again.

In Were the World Mine musical daydreaming Timothy gets a chance to play out his fantasies when his on stage Puck character spills out into real life. With magical love potion in hand Timothy proceeds to turn much of his narrow-minded town gay, starting with the hunky rugby player he lusts after.

The gay musical is a campy part of our culture that cannot be ignored but World attempts to take it beyond the trite and into a truly thought-provoking comedy, a la the Shakespeare text it so admires.

Director Tom Gustafson will be in attendance to introduce the film and answer questions. But after the screening the party moves to Crush (1400 SE Morrison) where free snacks and drinks provided by New Deal Vodka, and a live set my local band Atole will complete a magical evening. Be sure to done your fairy dust and put on your most Puck-ish grin as Crush will be transformed into A Midsummer Night’s Dream forest and who knows where the love potion will fall upon.

$10. Festival passholders admitted free.

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